Selling Home Tips

Similarly to the buying advice a real estate professional can assist in selling one’s home. Certainly every seller’s home has a greater significance beyond the actual structure, and a lot goes into making the decision of selling one’s home.  Again according to the National Association of Realtors there are more than 20 steps after signing the listing contract.

Here is where a real estate professional can assist the seller through the entire process, and selling the home in the ideal time frame and proper price:

  • Listing the actual property
  • Promoting and marketing the home
  • Showcasing the home assets
  • Setting an effective price
  • Showing the home
  • The actual sale
  • Closing

Additionally we can assist ins other areas Century 21 has 10 Add Value Tips:

  1. Clean, organize and neutralize the home space.  It helps buyer visualize their belongings in the space
  2. Keep the lawn green.  It gives the home curb appeal and a better appearance
  3. Add insolation to save energy.  Insolation can deliver up to 25% energy savings in some cases, and it is fairly inexpensive.
  4. Update kitchen appliances. This area is where buyers look for improvements such as: countertops, cabinets, floor, hardware, etc.
  5. Update bathroom features.  These are small improvements that help showcase the area
  6. Build a fence. A fence is a great asset to buyers with children, pets, and it adds privacy and security to the home
  7. Repair gutters.  It protects the home from water damage
  8. Light up the outside. It adds to the outdoor appearance and safety
  9. Storage space and organize. This is always a plus
  10. Polish off the basement.  Usable space adds value to the buyer

Last but not least add a Home Warranty. Century 21 offers a Home Protection Plan, and there are other reputable warranty vendors. It can the buyer additional peace of mind.