Buying Home Tips

Purchasing a home is one of the most significant investment decisions, and a real estate professional can offer some helpful advice when purchasing a home.  A survey done by National Association of Realtor showed that the internet and real estate professionals are probably the most resources buyers turned to when searching for a home.  More importantly 80% of buyers who used both resources purchased the home through a real estate professional.   I think that complementary relationship can help buyers make the right purchase.

Here are some of the things a knowledgeable real estate agent can assist with:

  • Neighborhoods
  • School districts
  • Market conditions
  • Mortgage specialists
  • Technology and our team at Century 21 Excellence Realty can give the buyer an edge

 Additionally we can assist the buyer in other areas of the purchase process such as:

  • Making the offer and factors associated with the offer
  • How much to offer? Also based on the number of conditions and factors
  • The mortgage application process
  • Leased options
  • All in cash purchases
  • Closing, inspection, insurance
  • Paper work and the actual move in